The West Steps: The state of reproductive justice in Colorado

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: March 12, 2021

Kids exist in the context of their families, which is why it is especially important for our state and federal government to strive towards a well-funded, holistic, systems-based approach to health care and family planning access. The current patchwork system of family planning services in Colorado is not only inequitable and underfunded, but also demonstrates the negative impacts of racism our country and the way it excludes women– especially women of color and women with low incomes– in accessing adequate health care. When we don’t create programs that are accessible for all, we fail our kids and families. The current issues our state faces in establishing efficient family planning access demands policymakers to take a human-centered approach in creating navigable paths to accessibility for all.  

In episode 5 of The West Steps, we welcome three guests for a detailed explanation of Colorado’s current family planning system and the many inequities that continue to exist within itErin Miller, Jack Teter, anKarla Gonzales Garcia bring their knowledge and experiences to a conversation surrounding the lack of accessibility in family planning services and the potential solutions we could expect to see as a result of the current legislation. While family planning services are often viewed as complex issues, Erin, Jack, and Karla help bring listeners to a greater understanding of the ways in which these services should be established as an embodiment of reproductive justice supporting individuals in their right to bodily autonomy. 

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