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Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: January 11, 2019

The West Steps PodcastThe West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol belong to advocates. Yes, tourists stop by to take selfies with the “mile high” marker and politicians often make speeches there. But the rest of the year it is the domain of activists. The people who rally there demand changes in our laws, society and culture. It is where policymaking meets the public.

We’ve named our new podcast “The West Steps” because it embodies our goals for this new medium: A way for the public to learn about policymaking. Our aim is to not just explain how ideas become laws, but to demystify the process so that you can engage in it. Join us on The West Steps each week as dive into the politics and policymaking impacting Coloradans—especially kids.

In our first episode, you’ll hear from our Government Affairs Director Riley Kitts. He’s worked under the dome for years to help Colorado kids and families, and he’ll share some insider knowledge of what to expect this session. Interviewing Riley is our own Beza Taddess, whose passion for democracy is so strong she frequently talks Lyft drivers into becoming first-time voters. I promise you’ll be entertained and educated.

Beza Taddess and Riely Kitts recording The West Steps

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