What Did You Think Of Our Election Center And Candidate Outreach? We Want To Know!

Did you get the chance to check out our online 2012 Election Center this election season? Did it help you as you talked to local candidates? Did it help inform how you voted on kids issues this year? We’d like to know how you used it, what was useful and what we can improve upon in the future.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our short survey online and know that your contribution means a great deal to us. Thanks to the many people who visited the 2012 Election Center and used it to ensure candidates knew that kids’ issues are at the center of making Colorado a great place to live.

We’re in the process of converting it to the 2013 Legislative Center. Stay tuned!

2012 Elections Bring Changes to Colorado Legislature, School Districts

By now you’ve heard the big national news of Tuesday’s election. Here’s a summary of what happened in Colorado:

  • National election: All seven of Colorado’s incumbent U.S. Representatives won reelection. Neither Sens. Mark Udall nor Michael Bennet were up for reelection.  
  • Colorado House of Representatives: Democrats added five additional seats on Tuesday and will enter the 2013 legislative session with a 37-seat majority. To the surprise of many political observers who believed that control of the Colorado House would remain thinly divided, Democrats won 10 of 11 of the most competitive races and gained a slightly stronger majority than was held by Republicans during the past two years. 
  • Colorado Senate: Democrats currently hold a 20-15 majority, and they increased their margin in the chamber by winning three of four competitive races.
  • New lawmakers at the statehouse: With 32 sitting state lawmakers facing term limits, choosing to run for another office or retiring, it was guaranteed that Tuesday’s elections would see high turnover in the State House and Senate. However, the large number of competitive races and Democrats’ unexpectedly strong performance pushed the level of turnover even higher. With a total of 37 new state lawmakers—10 in the Senate and 27 in the House—more than a third of the membership in Colorado’s 100-seat legislature will be new.
  • School Financing Ballot Measures: Bond and mill levies to increase financing for public schools passed in 29 Colorado school districts, including in the Denver, Aurora and Jefferson school districts.

Presidential Debate: Kids Ask The Questions!

With the presidential candidates coming to town to debate at the University of Denver next week and mail ballots soon going out to voters, we asked Colorado children of all backgrounds what they’d ask the candidates. Then working with our partners at Children’s Hospital Coloradoand Every Child Matters, we produced a short video of their answers to encourage candidates for all offices to listen to issues important to kids. The comments and questions captured on film ranged from cute and silly to thoughtful and poignant.

Most importantly, the kids voiced important questions about education, health and safety. Unfortunately, analyses done this election seasons so far show that very little of the discussion and dialogue have included these critical issues, but you can help change that. Watch the video here and then share with your friends and family to help get kids’ issues into the 2012 election conversation.

Also, If you plan to watch the debate on Wednesday evening, join in a nation-wide conversation by tweeting about kids’ issues before, during and after with the #Kids2012hashtag.

2012 Election Center

Learn more about child well-being in your community and help candidates and policy makers understand the importance of investing in children by visiting our 2012 Election Center. Find out who is running to represent you and what you can do to ensure that kids’ issues are part of the discussion this election season. Help spread the word by sharing this non-partisan voter education and engagement resource with your friends and family. 

Also, Children’s Campaign staff members are available for your next PTA or community meeting to provide a short overview of our election center and the status of kids in your local community. Invite us to speak to your group before Nov. 6 and we’ll even provide refreshments! For more information and to schedule a presentation, contact our community groups coordinator, Jacy Montoya Price, at 303-620-4547 or jacy@coloradokids.org.