Capitol Update – Assessments Task Force Recommends Easing Testing Burdens, Maintaining Integrity

The Colorado Standards and Assessments Task Force (1202 Task Force) this week presented recommendations to a joint meeting of the House and Senate Education Committees on changes to the statewide student assessment system. The recommendations focused on reducing some tests to ease burdens on students and educators while maintaining the integrity, reliability and accountability of our statewide assessment system.

“The Children’s Campaign was proud to be a part of this important conversation,” said Chris Watney, President and CEO of the Colorado Children’s Campaign. “We believe the recommendations strike the right balance between providing parents and policymakers the information they need to ensure all kids are on track to succeed while easing testing burdens on educators and students.” Read the full report here.

Reach out to the House and Senate Education Committee members and let them know you support high standards and aligned assessments for our students. Consistent expectations and comparable information about student achievement and growth is how we ensure that all children—no matter their background—are achieving the education they need to succeed. Click here to read more.