State Board of Education Reviews School Readiness Assessment for Kindergartners

Written by: Beza Taddess
Date Posted: November 16, 2012

This week, the Colorado Children’s Campaign urged board members to adopt a single assessment to fulfill the state’s requirement identified in statute through legislation passed in 2008, the Colorado Acheivement Plan for Kids (CAP4K). The board will make a final decision at its Dec. 5 and 6 meeting.

Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K) is a 2008 law that established a road map for Colorado to achieve preschool to postsecondary alignment within its K-12 education system. According to the law, the new school readiness assessment must be implemented statewide for all kindergarten students beginning in the fall of 2013, and must assess children on the multiple domains of school readiness, including physical well-being and motor development, social and emotional development, language and comprehension development, and cognition and general knowledge.

This week, the Colorado Department of Education recommended Colorado’s school readiness assessment policy include a menu of assessments. However, Teaching Strategies GOLD is currently the only school readiness assessment being considered that meets the CAP4K requirements. Teaching Strategies GOLD is likely to be adopted as the first assessment in the menu until two other assessments under review by the education department (High Scope COR and Desired Results Developmental Profile) are found to be reliable and valid through technical evaluations expected within the next year.

The State Board of Education is considering whether to adopt a single readiness assessment to evaluate Colorado kindergarteners, or to approve of a menu of assessments from which districts could choose.

Thank you to all who responded to our action alert last week that urged the State Board to adopt a single school readiness assessment this year. Stay tuned to KidsFlash in December for more information.

Beza Taddess

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