Stakeholders share their perspectives on Colorado’s loss of infant and family child care

Written by: Jacy Montoya Price
Date Posted: August 2, 2019

More than 70 stakeholders came together in late July to share their thoughts on the causes of, and solutions to, Colorado’s dramatic loss of infant and family child care since 2010. Raise Colorado hosted the discussions in partnership with the Colorado Association of Family Child Care, the Office of Early Childhood (OEC), and the Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC). The organizations are collecting the experiences to inform the Infant and Family Child Care Action plan that is required by Senate Bill 19-063 and will be submitted to the Colorado General Assembly by Dec. 1, 2019.

Participants identified barriers and brainstormed solutions in five issue areas that have impacted the availability of infant and family child care, including child care licensing, workforce challenges, local regulations (like zoning and building codes), business development and training, and public will and perception. The information shared at the discussions will be compiled with other data collected for the report, which will then be synthesized for submission to the legislature. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to weigh in on the policy recommendations identified through the planning process in October.

To support additional communities to share their perspective on Colorado’s loss of infant and family child care, Raise Colorado, the OEC, and ECLC are collaborating to create a Senate Bill 63 toolkit. The toolkit will guide local stakeholders through the process of hosting their own discussion and will provide a mechanism to share feedback with the OEC for consideration as part of that report. We expect the toolkit to be available by Aug. 14, so look for an update in KidsFlash in two weeks. An overview of SB63 requirements and the planning process being led by the Office of Early Childhood is available in the Raise Colorado Dropbox folder.

Jacy Montoya Price

About Jacy Montoya Price

Jacy serves as the Advocacy Director for the Colorado Children’s Campaign. In this role, she oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of the Children’s Campaign’s efforts to engage advocates, providers, parents, caregivers and others in our policy work, publications and research. She also co-convenes the Raise Colorado coalition, which works to ensure that pregnant people, infants, toddlers, and their families have what they need to thrive. Jacy previously served as the executive director and co-founder of Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), a sisterhood of Latinas dedicated to building a movement of Latinas, their families, and allies through leadership development, organizing, and advocacy to create opportunity and achieve reproductive justice. A Colorado native, Jacy lives in East Denver with her husband and two children who can often be found “glamping” across Colorado in their 1976 Airstream camper.