Second Brief in the Children’s Campaign Three-Part Report Highlights Healthy Development in Young Children

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: August 9, 2013

The second report in our series, “Ready, Set, Go: Investing in Infants and Toddlers,” explores the rapid early development of young children and the programs and policies that promote strong relationships and healthy growth from birth to age 3. “Set: Birth and Beyond,” shows that when babies are born they are already experiencing the physical and cognitive development that sets the foundation for lifelong success, and this development is powerfully influenced by the adults who care for them at home and in their communities.

Safe environments, protective and loving relationships and access to high-quality child care foster healthy development for young children in this vital stage of development. Strong investments in children at this stage help them to grow into healthy, thriving adults who will contribute to Colorado’s economic well-being. Click here to read the brief and explore our policy recommendations.

Last week we highlighted the first brief in the series, “Ready: Prenatal Health and Care,” promoting strong supports for women of childbearing age to ensure positive health outcomes for their children. Stay tuned to KidsFlash next week for highlights from the final brief in the series, “Go: Early Care and Education.”

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