2021 Season Of Giving

Transform what is possible for Colorado kids - together!

Over the past year and a half, we have all had to reevaluate how we work and what we prioritize. With your support, the Colorado Children’s Campaign has worked to achieve systemic changes in education, health, and early childhood learning and development. From a new state Department of Early Childhood to a much-needed investment in our K-12 education system, we continue to prioritize kids and families every day of the year.

Your generosity helps us continue to put kids at the top of the legislative agenda through our data-driven, nonpartisan policy advocacy.

As we approach the holidays, we invite you to join our Season of Giving! This is your opportunity to become a meaningful contributor to the Children’s Campaign before the end of the year. 


As we provide background on the various opportunities to give, we encourage you to ask yourself what you would like to see us give back to you and your community through our work at the capitol in 2022.

"We know policymakers have to make difficult decisions every day. Our job is to make sure that when those decisions are being made, the needs of children and families, particularly those who face the greatest barriers to opportunity, are top of mind. With the support of our donors, partners, and funders, we are able to help put children and families at the top of policymakers’ agenda. This means that the policies, and the major public investments that accompany them, are better informed by research, detailed policy analysis, and community voices that can ensure the goals we all share – a more healthy and enriching childhood for all children – become reality."
-Bill Jaeger, Vice President, Early Childhood & Policy Initiatives

Help transform our state for all families

Over the past few weeks, the Children’s Campaign has been working to finalize our legislative priorities for the new year — when we’ll return from a much-needed break with our families to continue our work at the capitol for you and yours. However, the new year isn’t here just yet. During this holiday season, we invite you to join our Season of Giving.

We are incredibly grateful to the matching donors we received this year, Elaine Gantz Berman and Steve Berman. By meeting their challenge of fundraising at least $5,000 by Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 7, you have already helped us to double our impact on Colorado kids as we head into 2022! We are so thankful for you, and for the Berman's generous gift and challenge.

Even if you weren't able to participate in this matching effort, there's still time to give before 2022! Gifts of all sizes and frequencies are incredibly important to our work. There only a few weeks left of 2021 -- let's make the most of it together!

“Giving to a policy advocacy organization is important because law and policy shape the environment where children and families live and grow. Many competing interests are debated at the capitol, and in the midst of it, who is there to stand up for kids? The Colorado Children’s Campaign believes kids deserve full-time advocates. That’s where your gift comes in! We can’t do it alone; we need your help. Please consider giving to the Colorado Children’s Campaign during this giving season.”

Sam Espinoza, Senior Policy Analyst for Health Equity

Make your impact where you live!

We are ready to continue defining Colorado as a model for how states can help children and families thrive – however, we cannot do this work without your support.

Last year, because of the support we received from Coloradans like you, the Children’s Campaign was able to fully invest in our priorities to make Colorado the best place for kids and families during the 2021 legislative session. Among other achievements, your support gave our staff the ability to rigorously pursue the creation of a state Department of Early Childhood, which is now well on its way to being implemented. 

Make your gift today

Do you ever find yourself reflecting on your K-12 education – the good and the bad? Does hearing about the planning for the state Department of Early Childhood spark some Coloradan pride within you? Does it strike a chord with you to see our children continue to show stunning resilience in the face of the ongoing pandemic? These are all things at the front of our mind, too, as we look toward the 2022 legislative session.

We are ready to continue our work to define Colorado as a model not just for the strength and resilience of our kids, but for the policies which protect them as well. What was your experience growing up, and how do you hope it will be better for the next generation? Our Season of Giving lets you give back so you can be part of the policies you want to see challenged, improved, or introduced to protect Colorado kids and families – if that’s the signal you’ve been waiting for.

"I make an annual contribution to the Colorado Children's Campaign because their team is passionate, knowledgeable, trusted, and they always keep what is best for children and families at the heart of their work."

Taran M. Schneider, Executive Director of Healthy Child Care Colorado

Your Generous gift to the Colorado Children's Campaign helps us work to ensure the following:

  • Implementation of Universal Pre-K: With the passage of Proposition EE, Colorado is now poised to establish a first-in-the-nation preschool program that is both accessible for all and targeted to families facing the greatest barriers to opportunity.
  • Increasing the Supply of Child Care: Even before the pandemic, Colorado was facing a severe child care shortage, especially among family child care home providers and care for infants and toddlers.
  • Expanding Access to Health Insurance Coverage: Health insurance coverage not only protects family financial resources, it provides access to the physical, mental and oral health services that pregnant people and kids need to stay healthy.
  • Maternal Physical and Mental Well-Being: Moms need to be physically and mentally healthy to be the kind of parents they want and need to be for their kids.
  • Equity and Transparency in Public School Finance: The quality of a child’s education and the resources schools can access should not depend on a child’s zip code or local property wealth.

Your contribution to the Children’s Campaign also allows us to invite more people to policy and advocacy so that our state is the best state for all of us!

Your donation of $500 helps us produce three episodes of our podcast, The West Steps
Your donation of $5000 allows us to produce our weekly video of the Legislative session
Your donation of $10,000 allows us to work with local media to share the latest data to all 64 counties in our state