School Finance Technical Advisory Group Discusses Early Childhood and Revenue

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: November 9, 2012

Early childhood education and revenue were the topics discussed in this week’s meeting of the school finance technical advisory group. Children’s Campaign President and CEO Chris Watney emphasized to the group that strengthening preschool and kindergarten services and the need for adequate funding are not wish list items. Rather, they are necessary in building an education system that ensures all children get the education they deserve.

Representatives from the Colorado Department of Education presented the latest results from the Colorado Preschool Program and shared the lasting effects the program has on narrowing achievement gaps and ensuring better academic outcomes for the children it serves. Jennifer Landrum, Children’s Campaign Vice President of Early Childhood Initiatives, highlighted the long-term returns realized when kids get the care they need when they need it. They are less likely to require more costly services later in their schooling and have better chances at long-term success through early interventions.

State Sen. Mike Johnston asked the group to prioritize under-supported components of the existing school finance system in order to look at what is possible with new revenue combined with reforms. A wrap-up meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks as we move closer to producing legislation that is true to the recommendations of the School Finance Partnership.

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