Prop CC is good for Colorado kids and families

Written by: Tara Manthey
Date Posted: October 4, 2019

The Children’s Campaign supports Proposition CC, which you’ll find on your fall ballot due Nov. 5. We support it because it is a strong step toward ensuring our public investment system works for all Coloradans and supports the services that kids and families need to thrive.

What does it do? Prop CC allows the state to keep revenue that it already collects under existing tax rates. Currently, under certain conditions that policymakers and voters don’t control, some tax revenue is returned to taxpayers. This is different than our state and federal income tax returns.

What is the impact? If it passes, Prop CC would allow Colorado to invest in three critical areas: K-12 education, higher education and transportation. Learn more about the measure, add your endorsement, and sign up for newsletters to help spread the word

Prop CC

Tara Manthey

About Tara Manthey

Tara McLain Manthey leads the Children’s Campaign’s development, advocacy, and communications efforts. In this role she manages teams advancing and supporting the Children’s Campaign’s work through digital and in-person outreach and philanthropy. She serves as chair of the Board of Directors for the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, a Denver Public Schools charter school. A citizen of the Osage Nation of Oklahoma, Tara serves on the editorial board of the Osage News and is co-founder and co-chair of the Colorado Osage Association. She serves on the board of Denver Indian Family Resource Center and is past chair of the national Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS COUNT Steering Committee.