Momentum for Education Ballot Measure Builds with Gov. Hickenlooper’s Backing

Written by: Beza Taddess
Date Posted: July 12, 2013

Gov. John Hickenlooper this week reinforced his support for the ballot measure to increase the state’s investment in Colorado students. Speaking to business and civic leaders at a meeting of the Colorado Forum, the governor said he supports the effort to ensure every Colorado child has a path to success.

Supporters of the Colorado Commits to Kids Campaign are gathering signatures to put this important education measure on the ballot this November. If voters approve, the measure would generate the new revenue needed to start the significant school finance overhaul passed by the Colorado State Legislature earlier this year that would place students at the center of the formula by ensuring our school financing system is more equitable, transparent and innovative.

In the past five years, Colorado has cut more than $1 billion from our schools and as a result, we spend $2,500 less per student than the U.S. average. The initiative would ensure that every school district in the state is able to increase per-pupil spending. The Children’s Campaign supports this measure because it puts students at the center of our school finance system by modernizing the formula. It also provides the resources Colorado needs to improve our schools and keep our commitment to ensuring that all kids succeed.

Beza Taddess

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Beza Taddess is the Communications Director at the Colorado Children's Campaign. In this role, she manages our communications team in advancing and supporting the Children’s Campaign’s work through digital and traditional communications strategies. Beza strives to apply inclusive and innovative communications protocols to ensure all people are seen and heard. She joined the Children’s Campaign as part of the Public Interest Fellowship Program in 2015 after graduating with a degree in Sociology from Colorado College. She received her master’s degree from University of Colorado Denver in May of 2021.