Legislative Update : April 3, 2020

Written by: Riley Kitts
Date Posted: April 3, 2020

The legislative session can be extended! In a decision handed down on Wednesday from the State Supreme Court, the justices ruled that the 120 days for the session do not need to be consecutive during a public health emergency. Lawmakers paused the session on May 14 due to spread of the novel coronavirus. Since then, we have all been in wait-and-see mode to see if the legislature had to adjourn in early May, as is customary, or if they can continue their work throughout May and June. The Court’s narrow 4-3 decision put an end to that ambiguity this week.

Capitol update April 03, 2020

The Children’s Campaign applauds the Court’s decision. Not only are there numerous policies that would benefit kids and families that are back on the table, like increased Basic Cash Assistance, paid family leave, and stronger immunization requirements, but now the legislature can also work on economic recovery and health coverage issues that have been exposed with the spread of the coronavirus. And they can hopefully do that work more safely in May and June once the crisis has started to subside. We know that there are a lot of emerging problems at hand that need to be addressed immediately, and the Children’s Campaign stands ready to pursue policy change when lawmakers are ready to get back together.

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