Youth Policy Pipeline Pilot 2020-2021


What is the purpose of the Youth Policy Pipeline Pilot? (why) 

  • Bring youth alumni from partner organizations to offer deeper opportunities for leadership and skill development.  
  • Support the development of young leaders who have the desire to pursue a career in policy and advocacy 
  • Create a unified youth coalition focused on systems and civic change  
  • Identify demands on local leadership by partnering with local advocacy and community organizing group 
  • Reinforce the importance of youth leadership for civic change.

What structure will be used to drive the pilot forward? (how) 

  • Cohort structure/model   
  • Inclusive and welcoming to everyone regardless of race, gender, (all other social identities) 
  • Grounded in the positive youth development frame/model 
  • Psychological safety  
  • Co-created end goal/outcomes rooted in the values and experiences of participating youth (see personal development plan) 
  • Adult partners of color with varying degrees of experience from other policy and advocacy orgs  
  • Two to three In-person convenings and likely bi-weekly/monthly video conferencing as meeting options 

What are the desired outcomes? (what) 

  • Build or deepen relationships in the policy and advocacy landscape with community leaders, students, parents, and other youth advocacy organizations 
  • Strengthen policy and advocacy skills around a specific civic change 
  • Achieve cohort identified outcomes and individual goals as specified in the personal development plan 
  • Prepare individuals to enter fellowships or pursue career opportunities within the field of policy and advocacy 
  • Reimagine youth led policy process, by deconstructing and disrupting systemic and racist policies.   
  • Increase clarity on the role(s) you might want to play in civic change 
  • Participating youth will help define, plan and execute key project milestones/components, within the supportive structure of skill development and adult leaders’ partnership 
  • Build a policy proposal for a challenge facing students and share with a key decision-maker 

Complete the interest survey by clicking on this link or contact Stephanie Perez-Carrillo at for more information. You can also watch this zoom information session for more information.

The DFER and Colorado children's camping youth conversation