Educator Workforce

Teachers play pivotal roles in our children’s lives and are the single most important school-related factor for student achievement. We believe that annual performance evaluations taking place within a trusted relationship between educator and evaluator—and based in part on data tracking student academic growth in addition to observations of teaching practice—are a necessary mechanism for important and honest feedback about their practice. This equips educators and students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The tools and methodology used to evaluate teachers should be demonstrably linked to student improvement and growth. Educator evaluation outcomes should guide and inform potential areas of professional growth and development.

Teacher holding book up in front of young students

While nearly half of Colorado students identify as students of color, 86% of all Colorado teachers are white, with 67% of all teachers in Colorado being white women. A significant body of research strongly suggests that students benefit from having diverse teachers, positively impacting test scores and college matriculation rates.  Research also shows that a diverse educator workforce positively impacts children’s academic and social-emotional development.  

The Children’s Campaign is also a member of a broad coalition of advocates, educators, and business leaders working to ensure the Great Teachers and Leaders Act (SB 10-191) continues to be implemented with fidelity so every child has a high-quality teacher in their classroom and leader in their school. Learn more about a 2019 evaluation redesign process co-led by the Children’s Campaign here, or the continued implementation of Senate Bill 10-191 and the state’s model evaluation system here.


Recent Policy Successes 

HB 21-1010 directs the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) and the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to convene a workgroup on diversity in the educator workforce. The workgroup is charged with investigating barriers to the preparation, retention, and recruitment of a diverse educator workforce and presenting strategies to the education committees to increase diversity. It requires CDHE and CDE to share first–time pass rates for Colorado teacher preparation programs. 

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