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Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: February 24, 2023

Colorado’s Growing Our Future Coalition has been working to transform child care statewide since its inception in 2021. The coalition is strongly aligned around this core idea: Caregiving, in all the ways it happens in children’s lives, is essential, and should be respected, prioritized, and funded accordingly. Join the Colorado Children’s Campaign and the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition on March 2 at 4 p.m. on Zoom for the coalition’s public-facing kickoff meeting to learn more. 

Beginning this year, we will work to build political and public will to reform Colorado’s tax code so that all Colorado families, children, and child care providers can thrive. This work is guided by our Theory of Change. However, we also know that children and their care providers do not exist in a vacuum, and that all types of care, from prenatal through end-of-life care, are essential to our collective success. We aim to mobilize a statewide fiscal reform coalition that will work to fully fund all types of care.  

As we move forward in our work to fully fund caregiving, we are building significant grassroots political power to ensure that families and caregivers are always treated as experts in what their children need, and care providers are always treated with dignity and respect. We need your help to spread the word about the importance of child care, caregiving, and fiscal reform in Colorado. Please join us in the fight to reimagine how we care for each other and our communities! 

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