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Written by: Lauren Hecht
Date Posted: February 10, 2023

Fair workweek laws are designed to prevent inequitable scheduling practices, including unpredictable work schedules, on-call hours without adequate compensation, last-minute schedule changes, and more. A bill recently introduced in Colorado’s legislature, HB23-1118, is part of a growing movement to ensure that workers and their families can better plan their lives.  

HB23-1118 would require employers in food, beverage, and retail with 250 or more employees to provide predictable scheduling and minimum weekly pay for their employees. The Children’s Campaign supports this bill because unpredictable work hours negatively impact families’ economic security, mental health, and stress. Unpredictable schedules result in unstable incomes that make it difficult for families to plan their finances and arrange child care during work hours.  

HB 23-1118 will be heard before the House Business and Labor Committee on Feb. 16. Sarah Barnes, our Director of Family Economic Prosperity Initiatives, will provide supporting testimony. Contact your legislator today and urge them to support HB23-1118: 

Lauren Hecht

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Lauren Hecht is the Digital Communications and Policy Associate for the Colorado Children’s Campaign. She is a co-editor of KidsFlash and the coordinator of our social media platforms and website. She provides strategic policy, advocacy, and development support to the organization through digital and print communications, multimedia campaigns, community outreach, and engagement efforts. Lauren graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Political Science and minors in Latin American Studies and Art Studio.