How did kids and families fare in the 2022 midterm election?

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: November 10, 2022

On Tuesday, Coloradans voted on a number of critical issues, including several ballot measures that the Children’s Campaign believes will have a strong impact on kids and families in our state:  

  • Proposition FF creates the permanent Healthy School Meals for All (HSMA) program to reimburse school districts for providing free meals to all students in Colorado. Universal school meal programs have proven health and academic benefits to kids, save families money, and help reduce stigma. This measure has officially passed. The Children’s Campaign supported this measure. 
  • Proposition 123 will provide approximately $300 million in dedicated funding per year for affordable housing in Colorado without increasing taxes. It will primarily focus on households with low incomes to ensure that families facing the greatest barriers to housing security will be supported. As of Thursday afternoon, this measure is trending toward approval. The Children’s Campaign supported this measure. 
  • Denver Initiative 305 would have provided free legal representation to renters navigating the eviction process. This measure did not pass. The Children’s Campaign supported this measure. 
  • Proposition 121 reduces the state income tax rate from 4.55% to 4.4% for all earners in Colorado starting in tax year 2022. This measure has officially passed. The Children’s Campaign opposed this measure.  

The Children’s Campaign celebrates Coloradans’ endorsement of universal, free school meals for all public school students, and we are encouraged by the growing support of the affordable housing initiative. However, the outcomes of certain ballot measures will critically impact the well-being of kids and families in detrimental ways we must remain cognizant of moving forward.  

As we approach the 2023 legislative session, we will continue our work to ensure Colorado kids are a priority at the state Capitol – and in communities across Colorado – now and into the future. Read our statement on the 2022 midterm outcomes for more insight. 


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