Election 2020: Vote NO on 116 and 117

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: October 2, 2020

Last month, we shared that the Children’s Campaign is supporting proposition EE – and urged you to vote yes to increase the tax on smoking and vaping products to fund affordable housing, public health, and universal preschool.  

This week, we’re back with another ballot update – the Children’s Campaign is opposing propositions 116 and 117 – and we urge you to vote NO on both when you receive your ballots later this month.  

As families and small businesses across Colorado are struggling with the COVID-19 crisis and economic challenges brought on by the virus, voters will see two measures that could make it all much harder. Propositions 116 and 117 are a double whammy blow against our state budget. These measures will force our state to cut key services and funding for priorities like early childhood education, K-12 education, housing and health care. These measures will force cuts out of the gate and they will hamstring Colorado’s path to an economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. 


2020 Ballot Measure photo

Proposition 116 slightly reduces the state’s flat income tax rate, exacerbating constraints on our state’s budget with the loss of at least $150 million per year in tax revenue that will be needed to address our coming budget challenges due to COVID-19. We cannot afford these additional losses while our schools are already under-funded and Colorado ranks dead-last in teacher wages. This tax cut will also disproportionately benefit wealthy Coloradans who pay a lower effective tax rate. 

Proposition 117 will make the creation and use of enterprise funds, used for funding critical programs such as Medicaid, CHIP and reinsurance, much harder. Enterprises are a necessary mechanism to raise revenue and provide some fiscal flexibility in Colorado. They have been particularly essential in our work to ensure health coverage is affordable and accessible to everyone – through both public and private systems. If Propositions 117 passes, Colorado would be left without a critical tool for providing services. 

As we steer Colorado out of our public health crisis and back to a healthy economy, we are going to need all the tools available to us. We need to invest in our state, but Proposition 116 and 117 will only make it more difficult to make critical investments in K-12 education, early care and education, housing and health care. We urge you to VOTE NO ON PROPOSITIONS 116 AND 117. 

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