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Two Generation Policies

We know that a child’s well-being is inherently interconnected with the well-being of their caregivers. Colorado’s kids need strong early childhood and K-12 systems to be able to succeed – and they also need strong, thriving families. Two generation policy solutions address the needs of the child and the adults in their family at the same time, integrating access to programs such as child care and home visiting with access to health, economic, and community support that bolsters the family’s ability to prosper economically and socially.


Recent policy successes that impact children and their families simultaneously include the creation of the new Colorado Department of Early Childhood and Universal Preschool Program, recent increases to early childhood program access, and efforts which lessen the mental and financial burden of navigating the early childhood system for families. During the 2021 legislation, this included the full funding of Colorado’s Child Tax Credit. In 2022, modifications were made to Colorado’s TANF program (Colorado Works) to improve the ways in which the program supports and works for families. 

We must continue to create policies that equip families and children with the income, connections, tools and skills they need to succeed­­-as a family and as individuals. Making sure policy solutions reach kids and caregivers-in the same families, at the same time-is a practical and resourceful way to make a long-lasting positive impact on Colorado families. 


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