Building a Strong Early Childhood System

Pieces of Colorado’s early childhood system are scattered in several state departments. This limits communication between programs and complicates families’ interactions with services and supports. We can better meet the needs of families by building a strong early childhood system in Colorado that aligns programs, allows for the blending of multiple financing streams, promotes the sharing and tracking of data, and establishes common performance outcomes.

a lady pushing a group of kids on a bike
03/21/2017 Denver, CO- Classrooms at Clayton Early Learning in Denver on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon)


Recent Policy Successes

House Bill 19-1005 established a new tax credit, tied to credential level, for early childhood educators working at qualified home and center-based programs.

House Bill 19-1052 allows local communities to collaborate to establish special districts to provide early childhood education, health and family support services.

Senate Bill 19-063 requires state leaders to develop a plan to address declining availability of infant care and family child care homes in Colorado.

House Bill 18-1335: County Child Care Assistance Program Block Grants changes including expanded eligibility, addressing continuity of care, and provider rates.

House Bill 18-1004Reauthorization of the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit until January 1, 2025.

House Bill 18-1208: Expansion of the child care expenses tax credit to allow eligible families to claim a larger portion of expenses for the credit.