Ways to Ensure Every Chance for Every Child

Your generosity ensures that all Colorado children have access to


  • Health and dental care that is high quality, affordable and equitable while acknowledging social determinants that impact child well-being.  
  • Early childhood experiences that are safe, nurturing, and adequately funded so that all kids get off to their strongest possible start in life. 
  • K-12 Education that realizes every student’s full potential by eliminating opportunity gaps and transforming our school finance system to benefit all Colorado kids so they are ready for college, careers and life.  
  • Family Economic Security that ensures all Colorado kids and families have access to basic needs and supports that alleviate financial hardships and keep kids housed, fed and out of poverty.  

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All investments in the Colorado Children’s Campaign help us continue to put kids at the top of the legislative agenda through our data-driven, nonpartisan policy advocacy. Unrestricted donations like yours help us advance our policy priorities as well as offer us the flexibility and to react to unforeseen events that impact kids and present barriers to opportunity. 

Colorado Children’s Campaign Heroes: Everyday people lifting up every child  

Take your contribution to the next level by transforming a one-time donation into a recurring monthly gift. A recurring gift ensures that the Colorado Children’s Campaign is here to stay and can continue to lift up the voices of kids across Colorado for years to come.  

  • If you give $50 per year, consider $5 per month 
  • If you give $100 per year, consider $10 per month  
  • If you give $250 per year, consider $25 per month 

Recurring gifts made online are billed automatically each month, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make your gift. We are also able to set up automatic ACH transfers.  You may also cancel at any time, should you choose to.  

"I give because every child deserves every chance – the chance to be healthy, the chance to achieve their full potential both at school and at home, and the chance to have fulfilling life experiences. Removing barriers to success for Colorado’s children helps ensure they can become the amazing parents, teachers, and leaders of tomorrow’s Colorado. Our state’s kids need us, and we owe it to them – and to ourselves – to speak up for them."

Sharlene Keithley,
Community Leader, Circle of Friends President
Denver, Colorado


The Colorado Children’s Campaign is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization committed since 1985 to realizing every chance for every child in Colorado.


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