KIDS COUNT in Colorado! FAQs

Have questions about our KIDS COUNT in Colorado! report?


KIDS COUNT is a national and state-by-state project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation to provide data and track the well-being of children in the United States. At the national level, the principal activity of the initiative is the publication of an annual KIDS COUNTData Book, which uses the best available data to measure the educational, social, economic and physical well-being of children by state. 

There is also a network of state-level KIDS COUNT projects that provide more detailed, county-by-county assessments of child well-being, including the KIDS COUNT in Colorado! report published by the Colorado Children’s Campaign. The first national KIDS COUNT Data Book was published in 1990. The Colorado Children’s Campaign has proudly produced KIDS COUNT in Colorado! since 1993.

What is the purpose of the KIDS COUNT research and reports?

At the Colorado Children’s Campaign, we believe that what gets measured gets changed. By providing policymakers and advocates with data on child well-being, KIDS COUNT seeks to enrich local, state and national discussions about how to secure better futures for all children. Put simply: KIDS COUNT exists to measure child outcomes and contribute to public accountability for those outcomes, resulting in a model for data-driven advocacy.

What has been the impact of KIDS COUNT?

The national and state-level reports have received extensive public and media attention and provided data to inform a broad range of debate and activities to improve the lives of children. In Colorado, KIDS COUNT has been a key source of information for child advocates, community leaders, policymakers, and organizations, as well as a catalyst for public and private initiatives to improve children’s lives statewide. At the Colorado Children’s Campaign, we believe the more the public knows about the challenges and opportunities facing kids and families, the more likely we are to find the resolve, resources, and strategies to effectively address them.

What are the core indicators in the KIDS COUNT in Colorado! report?

There are approximately 40 indicators for which data are consistently reported in KIDS COUNT in Colorado!. Included in the report are data on demographic characteristics and trends, family economic security, child and maternal health, early childhood learning and development, and K-12 education. County- and/or school district-level data for most indicators included in the report are also available online at the KIDS COUNT Data Center.