Date Published: April 21, 2017

Elevating Equity: A Vibrant Future for All Colorado Kids

We all want our kids to inherit a bright and vibrant future. Whether our family has been here for generations or we’re brand new Coloradans, we all hope to leave our children a better world than the one we inherited.

If we want this future for our own children, we must work to make it a reality for all Colorado children. Too many Colorado kids face barriers to opportunity because of their race or ethnicity.

Data and research show that many Colorado kids face challenges such as attending a high-poverty school, lacking access to culturally relevant health or children care, struggling to find affordable housing and more. These trends often fall along racial and ethnic lines.

This year’s KIDS COUNT report delves into disparities in child well-being based on race and ethnicity to show us where we can, and must, do better at creating equitable opportunities for children.

Although we have been shaped by the past, we are not powerless in changing the future. In fact, this report shows us that intentional public policy decisions created these disparities—and they can end them.

2017 KIDS COUNT in Colorado!

For more information about the OMNI Institute-led community dialogue sessions that informed this year’s KIDS COUNT report, including a report of key findings, please reach out to Sarah Hughes, Colorado Children’s Campaign Research Director, at sarah@coloradokids.org.