Date Published: June 17, 2009

KIDS COUNT in Colorado! is an annual publication of the Children’s Campaign, providing state- and county-level data on child well-being factors including child health, education, and economic status. Since its first release 16 years ago, KIDS COUNT in Colorado! has become the most trusted source for data and information on Colorado children and is relied upon by lawmakers, community leaders, and child advocates to inform policy debates and community discussions on issues impacting kids.

Last year, the KIDS COUNT in Colorado! data revealed a troubling trend significantly impacting our children – the increase in kids living in poverty. This year’s data shows that trend is continuing and, in fact, increasing. The number of children living in poverty has increased 85 percent since 2000, with more than 192,000 children living in poverty in 2007, compared to 104,000 in 2000. And our youngest children are the most likely to be living in extreme poverty.

2009 KIDS COUNT in Colorado!