Date Published: May 15, 2007

KIDS COUNT in Colorado! is an annual publication of the Children’s Campaign, providing state- and county-level data on child well-being factors including child health, education, and economic status. Since its first release 14 years ago, KIDS COUNT in Colorado! has become the most trusted source for data and information on Colorado children and is relied upon by lawmakers, community leaders, and child advocates to inform policy debates and community discussions on issues impacting kids.

Focus on Physical Health

One of the most important indicators of children’s overall well-being is their physical health, and as the data reveals, it is also one of our largest statewide challenges. In Colorado, one in six children lacks health insurance. That amounts to nearly 180,000 children–enough to fill Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver two-and-a-half times.

While the numbers are staggering, what the data mean in the lives of these children is even more compelling. Uninsured children are more prone to a wide range of health problems and are less likely to receive routine care from a single provider, to receive childhood immunizations, and to receive necessary dental care. A lack of access to health care for a child can bring a lifetime of problems.

The 2007 KIDS COUNT in Colorado! report focuses on this critical issue and provides additional information about the current health care landscape, insurance options for kids, and estimated costs of addressing the problem. Like previous editions, this year’s report also provides data on a variety of other factors surrounding children’s well-being.

2007 KIDS COUNT in Colorado!