Colorado Option enrollment opens Nov. 1

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: September 23, 2022

Health insurance open enrollment starts Nov. 1, and this year, Coloradans have another coverage plan to choose from to save them money on health care services. Colorado Option, established through HB21-1232, is a new standardized health plan that has the same benefits and cost-sharing in each level of coverage regardless of enrollees’ insurance company. The plan will cover all Affordable Care Act essential health benefits, have lower premiums, and have more services without copays – including all prenatal and postnatal services, primary care, and outpatient behavioral health visits at most plan levels. In addition, all prescription medications will use copays for more predictable costs.  

Read more about Colorado Option on our website. All Coloradans who purchase health insurance on the Exchange are eligible for Colorado Option coverage plans, regardless of their documentation status. Undocumented Coloradans with low incomes are eligible for Emergency Medicaid and assistance for SilverEnhanced Savings (free, no premium plans) through Connect for Health Colorado’s OmniSalud program. This application is confidential and will not be shared with any federal agency or be used against someone for public charge.  

Once enrollment opens, eligible Coloradans can enroll in Colorado Option plans at 

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