Colorado is among the states with the most to lose if 2020 Census undercounts Hispanic/Latino population; we need your help to ensure that doesn’t happen

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: August 16, 2019

A Child Trends brief released earlier this week finds that Colorado could lose up to $193 million in federal funding each year for vital kids’ programs if the 2020 Census undercounts our state’s Hispanic/Latino residents by even a small margin. That would make Colorado one of the states with the most to lose in the event of an undercount of Hispanic/Latino families.

The brief examines the potential loss of funding across five federal programs that serve children and families: Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHP+ in Colorado), the Child Care and Development Block Grant, Title IV-E Foster Care and Title IV-E Adoption Assistance. It estimates the amount of federal funds that states would lose for each program in three different undercount scenarios: a 3 percent undercount, a 6 percent undercount or a 12 percent undercount of people who identify as Hispanic/Latino.

Colorado Child Trends

If the 2020 Census undercounts Hispanic/Latino Coloradans by even 3 percent, our state stands to lose more than $48 million each year for programs that help kids and families thrive. At the high end, these five programs would lose nearly $200 million in federal funds each year. Click here to see how much is at stake for Colorado in each of the five programs examined in the report.

Young children—and young Latino children, in particular—have historically been among the groups most likely to be undercounted in the census, and experts fear that the undercount could be worse in 2020 given the fear and distrust of government that understandably exists in many communities of color at this time. The threat of an undercount is real, and Colorado can’t afford to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for the programs that help our children and families access health care, afford child care, and live in safe, nurturing homes. Between now and April, help us ensure that families in your community know that participating in the 2020 Census is important, easy and safe. Click here to access promotional materials that you can use to build awareness of the 2020 Census in your community and ensure that every Colorado kid counts in 2020.

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