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Date Posted: March 27, 2020

As our work shifts to meet the needs of kids and families during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been busy advocating in all avenues and amplifying the challenges families are facing. Here are some of the efforts we have been working on with partners in the past few weeks.

“We are deeply concerned that if we don’t support providers during this period of closure and parents pulling their kids out of child care, that we will come out on the other side of this crisis and have decimated the ecosystem of early care and education in this state,” says Bill Jaeger, vice president of Early Childhood and Policy Initiatives at the Colorado Children’s Campaign. — Child Care Advocates Ask Feds For Help: ‘We’re The Frontline For The Economy’ CPR 03.20.20

“One of our top concerns is that our state’s child care centers and preschools might collapse without additional support, because they mostly operate on parent tuition payments and fee-for-service, and they run on really thin margins,” said Leslie Colwell of the Colorado Children’s Campaign, an advocacy group that signed the letter. — Child care providers are feeling an unprecedented squeeze. Now, they’re asking for help. Chalkbeat 03.19.20

“As an organization that has been very focused on the deep inequities that already exist in how we fund schools and students, this crisis will make those inequities even clearer,” said Leslie Colwell of the Colorado Children’s Campaign. “There will be some schools that don’t miss a beat, and there will be some that really struggle for the foreseeable future. — How a coronavirus downturn could affect Colorado’s education budget Chalkbeat 03.19.20

“This has kind of been an unprecedented situation,” said Stephanie Perez-Castillo, a policy analyst at Colorado Children’s Campaign focused on childhood nutrition issues. — Aurora schools offering free lunch, breakfast for students during coronavirus closings Sentinel 02.18.20

“I think the biggest flaw that’s been revealed is that we have not built an infrastructure around early care in education that can withstand a disruption,” Jaeger said. “That is most acutely seen in our low pay for our teachers, our early childhood teachers, and the vulnerable position that so many providers are in that they can’t weather even a two-week disruption.” Read more here Colorado child care centers fear for their survival as coronavirus brings closures, enrollment dips Colorado Sun 03.23.20

Gary Community Investments, a Denver-based philanthropic organization focused on helping low-income children and families, largely served as the connecting tissue of the operation, starting with a phone call among many child care experts, including child care providers, the Colorado Department of Human Services, CDHS’s Office of Early Childhood, the Colorado Children’s Campaign and a few school districts such as Denver Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools. — How Colorado lined up child care for 1,000 essential workers in one week Colorado Sun 03.23.20

Part of the fear around the sustainability of child care facilities comes from the way they’re funded, said Bill Jaeger, vice president of early childhood and policy initiatives at advocacy organization Colorado Children’s Campaign. “This is an incredibly fragile sector from an economic standpoint,” Jaeger said. — “How do we stay open?” Colorado child care providers struggle to keep up amid coronavirus crisis Denver Post 03.26.20

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