Children’s Campaign receives Harvey Cohen Women’s Health Champion Award

Written by: Erin Miller
Date Posted: November 8, 2019

We are honored to receive the first Harvey Cohen Women’s Health Champion Award in recognition of advancing women’s health and safety in the state of Colorado. We were recognized for leading the coalition that passed, without a single no vote, the strongest Maternal Mortality Review Committee statute in the country this year.

We were thanked for working over many months to engage hundreds of stakeholders and gain overwhelming support from a variety of partners, including families impacted by maternal mortality, people impacted by near misses, other advocacy and community organizations such as Raise Colorado, COLOR, Elephant Circle, the Center for African American Health, the March of Dimes, the Colorado Perinatal Care Quality Collaborative and many professional medical associations including Colorado chapters of ACOG, American College of Nurse Midwives, American Academy of Pediatrics and Academy of Family Physicians. We were also thanked for bringing the issue of maternal mortality and morbidity to the attention of the media and the public.

We are grateful for this award and look forward to continuing to work with impacted families and our partners to advance the health of pregnant and postpartum people in Colorado.

children's campaign wins an award

Erin Miller

About Erin Miller

Erin serves as the Vice President of Health Initiatives for the Colorado Children’s Campaign, leading efforts to improve health insurance coverage and quality for Colorado’s kids, improve access to health services, and ensure that every child has healthy places to live, learn, and play. Prior to joining the Children’s Campaign in September 2015, Erin worked on the Accountable Care Collaborative team at the Colorado Department of Health Policy and Financing. She has extensive experience evaluating federal, state, and local policies related to Medicaid, CHIP, the Affordable Care Act, and public health programs as well as working with legislators, policymakers, constituents, and other stakeholders to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. Her professional experiences range from serving as a WIC Educator and Local Area Retail Coordinator for Denver Health to serving as a Special Assistant in the HHS Office of Planning and Evaluation in Washington DC and as a Health Policy Adviser and Budget Analyst for the U.S. House Budget Committee.