Children’s Campaign joins calls for immediate action on safe schools and gun violence

Written by: Kelly Causey
Date Posted: May 10, 2019

This is not normal. I tell myself that in the devastating wake of another violent episode on school grounds. Twenty years after the tragedy at Columbine this violence still occurs and our children and teachers are still dying. As we grieve with the STEM School community, we are also troubled by the fact that we are not doing enough to keep our kids and our schools safe.

For 34 years, the Colorado Children’s Campaign has been a voice for Colorado’s 1.2 million children at the State Capitol, across Colorado and in Washington, D.C.  Every day we strive to give every chance for every child. On a day like May 7, when children are wounded and killed in their schools, we know that adults have failed them.

Silence is not an option. We urge lawmakers to be as brave as we ask our school children to be. Take action to protect them by increasing access to mental health services, supporting positive school environments, and decreasing children’s unsupervised access to guns.

The Children’s Campaign has traditionally focused on supporting children in the policy areas of early childhood, child health, and K-12 education. We know there are many other advocates with expertise in advancing policies that protect children from gun violence and so we haven’t taken an active role in that area. However, gun violence has come to us.

We are a children’s policy organization and school safety and gun violence are a children’s policy crisis. It affects the health, education and safety of every Colorado child whether they’ve experienced first-hand gun violence or not. We join the thousands of pediatricians, educators, parents and children calling for immediate and significant action.