Allowing Caregivers to Thrive

Children need healthy, thriving caregivers who are able to support them. However, the rate of maternal mortality in Colorado has increased dramatically in recent years and rates of maternal morbidity (unexpected outcomes that result in significant short- or long-term consequences to a birthing person’s health) are increasing across the country.

Rates of maternal mortality vary across Colorado. Postpartum people in rural areas are more likely to die than those in urban areas, and African American and Native postpartum people are more likely to die than their white peers. From national data, we know that African American mothers are more likely to die even when income and educational level are held constant. Further, for every maternal death, dozens more people experience traumatic near-death events, severe maternal morbidity that can lead to a lifetime of complications. More than 75 percent of maternal deaths in Colorado are preventable.

The Children’s Campaign leads work to improve maternal health in Colorado by working with advocacy partners and individuals who have been directly impacted by maternal mortality and morbidity to pursue policy changes that improve health care for birthing people in Colorado and address the systemic inequities that contribute to adverse maternal health outcomes.

a baby interacting with a doctor while being help by a parent
Aurora, CO – Dr. Sophia Meharena attends to patients at the Rocky Mountain Youth Clinic in Aurora, CO on Monday February 20, 2017. (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon)

Recent Policy Successes

House Bill 19-1122, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Maternal Mortality Review Committee, re-authorizes and strengthens Colorado’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee, which reviews cases of maternal mortality to better understand what occurred.

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