Ensuring access to high quality health care that meets the physical, behavioral, and oral health needs of kids and families

At a population level, social systems have a greater impact on individual health outcomes than health care. However, when Colorado children and families need physical, behavioral and oral health care, it should be easily accessible and of the highest quality. 

The Children’s Campaign works to ensure access to high-quality physical, behavioral, and oral health care in the settings that families prefer. We also work to maintain and expand access to reproductive health care services – including high-quality family planning services and the abortion care that people need in order to ensure autonomy over their bodies and chart their own futures. We also work to improve population health by promoting immunization, a reduction of tobacco and nicotine consumption, access to fluoridated water. 

a baby interacting with a doctor while being help by a parent
Aurora, CO - Dr. Sophia Meharena attends to patients at the Rocky Mountain Youth Clinic in Aurora, CO on Monday February 20, 2017. (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon)

The Children’s Campaign works with partners and individuals who have experienced unanticipated adverse health care outcomes to improve access to quality health care in Colorado. We work to ensure that children receive the right care at the right time and place and we work to integrate care into schools, child care centers and other community settings.  


Recent Policy Successes

SB 21-025, Numerous Family Planning Expansions, expands coverage for family planning services to people who lack coverage and are just above the Medicaid income eligibility threshold.  

SB 21-009 expands Medicaid to provide contraceptives for undocumented communities in Colorado and ensure access to a 12-month supply of contraceptives for everyone on Medicaid.  

SB 21-016 ensures costsharing free sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and prevention and fills family planning coverage gaps. 

SB 21-137, Behavioral Health Restoration Act, makes investments in perinatal depression screens in Medicaid, early childhood mental health consultants, and school-based mental health professionals. 

HB 20-1427, Tobacco & Nicotine Tax for Housing, Education, & Pre-K, refers a question to votes in November to raise taxes on nicotine products to fill budget deficits caused by the pandemic, and also establish a universal preschool program that targets the greatest resources to those with the most barriers. 

SB 20-163, School Entry Immunization Requirements, improves state vaccination rates by standardizing the immunization exemption process and requiring schools to proactively notify parents of school immunization rates. It also supports public health vaccination efforts. 

Looking for Info on Child Well-Being?

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