Centering the needs of birthing people during the pandemic

Written by: Samantha Espinoza
Date Posted: May 29, 2020

As the public health emergency continues to unfold, the Children’s Campaign is working to elevate the unique needs of birthing people. This is especially important because we know the additional strain on hospitals and community providers will disproportionally impact communities in rural areas and communities of color. To help us understand the barriers and solutions to providing equitable, safe, and patient-centered care for people giving birth during the pandemic surge in Colorado, the Children’s Campaign and the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment co-convened stakeholders from across the state to understand how to better support people giving birth. From these conversations four key recommendations emerged:

  • Provide clear information about hospitals’ labor and delivery protocols
  • Encourage bonding between mothers with COVID-19 and their infants
  • Rapidly test pregnant people who come to hospitals for services
  • Support community birth

Although this work is ongoing, Erin Miller and Sam Espinoza shared their learnings in Health Affairs, a leading journal of health policy and research, so that local leaders and other state official can learn from their initial findings. Their work was published in a Health Affairs blog post on Tuesday, May 26. Read it here.

Samantha Espinoza

About Samantha Espinoza

Sam joined the Colorado Children’s Campaign staff as a Policy Analyst after serving as their Government Affairs Intern while completing her MSW at the University of Denver. Her portfolio of policy issues includes child health, family planning and maternal and infant mental health. Sam is a military veteran whose greater part of professional experience is grounded in research, advocacy and supporting children who face adversity.