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Final school nutrition rules fail kids

a Child playing in a sink
Written by: Stephanie Perez-Carrillo
Date Posted: February 1, 2019

Last month the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced they would weaken school nutrition standards and guidelines. Over 100,000 comments were submitted to the federal register with 99 percent opposing any changes to the rules.

Denver Post Highlights Colorado’s Inequitable PreK-12 Revenue System

Denver Post Highlights Colorado’s Inequitable PreK-12 Revenue System
Written by: Leslie Colwell
Date Posted: January 11, 2019

This week Denver Post reporters Anna Staver and Chris Osher drew attention to an important and growing challenge for Colorado’s school finance system. The article examines several issues we published in a multi-part series on school finance that illuminated challenges created by the intersection of TABOR and Gallagher, total program mill levy inequity, and mill levy override inequity.

What would funding full-day kindergarten mean for Colorado?

What would funding full-day kindergarten mean for Colorado?
Written by: Bill Jaeger
Date Posted: December 7, 2018

The failure of the state to invest in early education is puzzling given the strong and growing evidence base for how valuable a full-day kindergarten experience is for children. For example, recent evidence from random assignment to full- versus half-day kindergarten shows strong results in terms of

Thank you for making kids a priority in the 2018 election!

a baby sitting in a car sit
Written by: Riley Kitts
Date Posted: November 9, 2018

The Children’s Campaign would like to applaud all Coloradans who voted last Tuesday! We were encouraged by such high voter turnout (nearly 60 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot), especially among unaffiliated voters. The results were mixed for Colorado kids, but there is still a lot to celebrate.

What’s Haunting Me This Halloween: The Specter of Bad Data

in Colorado, 19% of kids under age 5 are at risk of being missed in 2020 census
Written by: Sarah Hughes
Date Posted: October 26, 2018

Although it’s October of 2018, we’re already thinking ahead to 2020—specifically, the 2020 Census. Charged with counting every adult, child and baby living in the United States, the next decennial census is rapidly approaching, and child advocates have work to do to make sure we count all kids in 2020.

Colorado colleges will host Free Application Day

Colorado colleges will host Free Application Day
Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: October 19, 2018

On Oct. 30 more than 30 Colorado schools will be offering free college applications for students. Gov. John Hickenlooper declared October as College Application Month in an effort to increase access for all students to pursue higher education.

Public charge proposal introduced in the federal register

Prenatal update
Written by: Stephanie Perez-Carrillo
Date Posted: October 12, 2018

The proposal cuts off pathways to permanent residence for legally residing immigrants, and asks families to make an impossible choice between accessing essential services for which they are eligible or keeping their families together