Capitol Updates: FAMLI Act moves forward, along with early childhood school removal bill, dental benefits for moms on CHP+, and census outreach bill is introduced.

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: March 15, 2019

Each week during the 2019 session of the Colorado General Assembly, we bring you the latest news and analysis of legislation impacting the early development, health, and education of Colorado kids. See our website for complete analysis, testimony, fact sheets, vote totals, and other information to help you stay informed. Here are a few highlights from the Gold Dome this week:

Riley Kitts recaps week 11 at the Colorado state capitol

Dental Services for Pregnant Women in Child Health Plan Plus (Duran & Lontine/Ginal & Story)

HB19-1038 would provide dental insurance for the 900 pregnant Coloradans each year who use Colorado’s Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) for their health insurance. Currently, these pregnant individuals do not have any coverage for oral health care. Read more about the bill and why Erin Miller, VP of Health Initiatives, testified in support here.

Addressing Early Childhood School Removal (Lontine & Larson/Priola & Fields)

HB19-1194 would ensure that the standards for suspension and expulsion of young children from school are developmentally appropriate, and that young children are removed from school only to address ongoing safety concerns. The bill does not affect statute governing in-school suspensions or classroom removals. The bill would limit the amount of time for out-of-school suspensions in order to resolve safety threats. Read more about the bill and why Bill Jaeger, VP of Early Childhood and Policy Initiatives, testified in support here.

Census Outreach Grant Program (Tipper & Caravao)

HB19-1239 would create the Census Outreach Grant Program to support the accurate count of Colorado’s population for the 2020 Census. Read more about the bill and why the Children’s Campaign strongly supports it here.

FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program (Winter & A. Williams/Gray & Duran)

SB19-188 would create the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program to provide partial wage-replacement benefits to an eligible individual who takes leave from work to care for a new child or a family member with a serious health condition or who is unable to work due to the individual’s own serious health condition, or due to certain needs arising from a family member’s active duty service. Read more about the bill and why the Children’s Campaign supports it here.


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