Capitol Update: The 2022 legislative session is over, and all our priorities for kids and families passed!

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: May 13, 2022

The 2022 legislative session has adjourned Sine Die! That means that the Colorado General Assembly has completed their 120 days of work and will not convene again until January 2023.  

It has been a whirlwind of a session. At the Children’s Campaign, we are so proud to say that all our legislative priorities were accomplished. That’s right! Every single policy that we worked on made it successfully through the legislative process and now, they are all on their way to the governor to be signed into law. In fact, a few have already received his signature! 

We want to thank all of the amazing coalition and community partners who worked so closely with us leading up to and throughout this session to affect positive change for kids and families across Colorado. Without such strong collaboration, we wouldn’t have been able to establish a new Department of Early Childhood or Universal Preschool. We wouldn’t have been able to expand access to health insurance coverage for the thousands of Coloradans that currently cannot due to their immigration status. We wouldn’t have been able to make changes to our school finance system. And, we wouldn’t have been able to make much-needed reforms to Colorado’s TANF program. Strong teamwork makes the dream work down at the state Capitol, and we have some of the strongest teammates. Thank you, all!  

Our dedicated policy and advocacy team tracks hundreds of bills that impact Colorado kids and families every legislative session. To view the bills we tracked throughout this session, click here.

The Colorado Children’s Campaign’s 2022 legislative impacts 

The Children’s Campaign serves as the leading voice for kids at the state Capitol and in communities across Colorado. In our over 35-year history, we have worked with policymakers from every corner of the state and every political perspective to improve the well-being of Colorado kids. Children’s issues aren’t partisan, and our successes have proven that we can develop innovative solutions when we work together. 

In the 2022 legislative session, legislators and advocates worked to advance policy solutions and restructure systems that the pandemic has further exposed as inequitable and inaccessible. As Colorado families navigate this recovery, many of our priority bills have focused on best facilitating that recovery to their benefit – with bipartisan support along the way.  

The achievements we saw during this legislative session represent a culmination of tireless, yearslong work across a variety of statewide coalitions comprised of advocates, educators, care providers, partner organizations & more. We’re immensely grateful to work alongside so many diverse coalitions every year, full of passionate advocates & experts constantly striving to develop policies that set our kids & families up for success. In the midst of these successes, we continue to recognize the work that still remains in realizing every chance for every child in Colorado.

Read our full Legislative Impacts 

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