Capitol Update Highlights: FAMLI, child care contribution tax credit, and free-standing emergency departments

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: February 2, 2018

Each week during sessions of the Colorado General Assembly, we bring you the latest news and analysis of legislation impacting the early development, health, and education of Colorado kids. Three highlights of action this week are below, and see our website for more analysis, testimony, fact sheets, vote totals, and other information to help you stay informed.


Colorado state Capitol

HB18-1001 (Winter & Gray/Donovan) FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program

This bill creates the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program to provide partial wage-replacement benefits to an eligible individual who takes leave from work to care for a new child or a family member with a serious health condition or who is unable to work due to the individual’s own serious health condition. Read more about the bill and why the Children’s Campaign supports it here.

HB18-1004 (Coleman & Wilson/Tate & Kefalas) Continue Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

This bill would continue a credit that allows individuals and companies to make contributions to promote child care in Colorado and claim a credit on their state taxes for a portion of their contribution. Bill Jaeger, our VP of Early Childhood Initiatives, testified in support of the bill this week. Read more about the bill and its bipartisan passage out of House Finance Committee this week here.

SB18-146 (Kefalas & Smallwood/Sias & Singer) Freestanding Emergency Departments Required Consumer Notices

The bill would require a freestanding emergency department, which are either independent from a hospital or operated by a hospital at a location off the hospital’s main campus, to (i) provide any individual that enters the facility seeking treatment with a written statement of the nature of the facility and the individual’s rights at the facility, (ii) post a sign with information about the networks the facility participates in and the cost of common services provided at the facility, and (iii) provide any individual who does not have an emergency medical condition with additional written disclosures regarding the individual’s financial responsibility for services provided. Read more about the bill and why the Children’s Campaign supports it here.

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