Capitol Update: 2021 Colorado Legislative Session wraps up, kids and family score massive wins

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: June 11, 2021

The 2021 Legislative Session is officially over! Lawmakers wrapped up their work earlier this week, giving themselves a few days to spare on their 120-day clock. Legislators introduced 675 bills and resolutions this year, with everything from transportation fees, to a public insurance option, to law enforcement accountability considered. All told, this legislative session was a great step forward for Colorado kids and families, especially when compared to where the state was a year ago as we all had to navigate a worsening pandemic and more than $3 billion in state budget cuts. This year, we saw tremendous progress for health insurance coverage, access to family planning services, targeted public school funding, and streamlining the early childhood system. In addition, we know that the pandemic shone an even brighter light on systemic inequities that have existed for decades, and we were proud to see positive steps forward to keep families housed, reform our tax code, and removbarriers to opportunities for our undocumented communities. Thank you to all of the advocates and policymakers who worked so tirelessly to make this legislative session such a success! 

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