Campaign for Kids: 2018 Election Guide

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: October 3, 2018

Letter from the president & CEO

Kelly Causey President and SEO

The future of Colorado begins today. We don’t have to wait for the November election, or for candidates to be sworn into office, to begin building a brighter future for Colorado kids. Every candidate and voter can be a voice for children early and often this election season.

We know from past elections that the earlier candidates, advocates and voters learn about issues facing kids, the more likely Colorado will see research-based policy change that benefits kids and makes an investment in our state. 2018 is a pivotal year for kids as we’ll welcome a new governor and dozens of new state and federal legislators. This cohort of new and returning policymakers will make decisions shaping lives for years to come.

The Colorado Children’s Campaign has prepared this concise guide of trends in child well-being and policy solutions for candidates and voters. In this overview you’ll find data on demographics and family economic security to provide an introduction to Colorado kids and families.

Inside this overview, you’ll find several pull-out issue guides to learn more about everything from child care to school finance. On the back of each issue guide is a set of questions for candidates to consider, or for voters to ask of candidates in person or online. These questions get to the heart of what policy makers will face when they begin making big decisions about kids in 2018 and beyond.

As always, there is much more information available in our annual KIDS COUNT in Colorado!report on child well-being. You can find that publication, and much more, on our website: Whether you are running for office or voting, we hope these resources help you speak up for kids now and in the future. It starts today.

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Kelly Causey, Ph.D.
President and CEO


Kids With Colorado Flags

We urge you to ask hard questions of yourself and those who represent you:

What is our responsibility to Colorado children? If some of our kids aren’t doing well, what does that say about us as a state? Should we be proud of a Colorado in which only some children can truly aim high?

Your job will be to ensure Colorado has a prosperous future. If you place children, especially very young children, and their families at the heart of your policy and public investment strategy, then we can make that happen together. We must acknowledge, though, that children of different backgrounds face greater distances to opportunity and so we must do all we can to ensure our focus begins with these children and families. How will you make kids facing the most barriers a priority?

If we want our own kids to be well, happy and smart, we need to make that true for all Colorado kids. The 2018 election is a huge opportunity to make a big step in the right direction. Working together, we can ensure all our elected officials start their first day knowing the issues and opportunities facing Colorado kids. Thank you!

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