Circle of Friends ENGAGE

In 1996, the Circle of Friends and its passionate and committed leadership board was established as a group of Children’s Campaign ambassadors who provided financial and volunteer support for the organization and help spread the word about critical children’s issues through community events and engagement.

Over the years the Circle has had several changes and has shifted in major ways. In listening to the desires of those participating in this way, we decided that in 2021 we would refresh Circle of Friends, its overall definition and the ways in which ambassadorship, philanthropy and volunteerism can grow and be inclusive of more of our committed donors.

With thoughtful insight from Circle of Friends leadership and our Development staff we decided that the Circle of Friends are every single donor who contributes financially to the well-being of kids. Identifying this form of advocacy as critical to our organization and the future of Colorado’s children. Then we created the new E.N.G.A.G.E. (Everyone, Networking, Growing, Advocating, Giving, Elevating), which will offer opportunities for our Friends to support fun-raising events like the Milk Market (introduced in 2019 and paused just for now), sporting nights, shopping events, appreciation events and more…with volunteerism, sponsorship, in-kind donations and getting others involved. We also look forward to providing service opportunities in the near future- to connect donors with the partner organizations that we work with hand-in-hand to support Colorado’s kids and solidify the image of impact each and every investment in this work makes.

Interested in learning more about how you can ENGAGE? Please contact Development Director Angelique Smith at 303.620.4533 for more information.


2019 Circle of Friends Leadership Board

Shannon Bell
Monica Denler
Marin Hamilton
Heather Johnson
Sharlene Keithley
Cindy Kittleson
Marianne Laborde
Jen Rettig
Niki Shah
Lauren Williams Sunderland
Dudley Williams


Past Circle of Friends Leadership Board Presidents

The Colorado Children’s Campaign is thankful for all of the Circle of Friends members and leaders who have paved the way for the work that we do today. 

Mona Ferrugia, Circle of Friends Founder and President of the first Leadership Board, 1996; 1997
Sharlene Keithley, 2017-18
Andrea Stevens, 2015-16
Lindsay Filsinger, 2014
Ashley May, 2012-13
Mary Miller, 2011
Jennifer Pride, 2010
Kelly Stava, 2009
Brooke Simpson, 2008
Jennifer Kandel, 2007
Liz Arnold, 2006
Diana Mead, 2005
Jeannine Hutchison, 2004
Cici Peterson, 2003
Jane Soderberg, 2002
Lisa Duke, 2001
Julie Wham, 2000
Susan Sweeney, 1999
Laurie Hirschfeld Zeller 1998



Circle of Friends Tea 2018


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