2024 Legislative Session

Date Posted: January 3, 2024


The Colorado Children’s Campaign is the leading voice for kids and their families at the state capitol. Our mission is to ensure every chance for every child. When we work together, we can find systemic solutions to the challenges that prevent kids from reaching their full potential.
Our commitment to kids and families includes:

  • Developing and advocating for evidence-based legislation.
  • Working with government agencies, partners and communities so that successful bills become effective programs, initiatives and policies.
  • Convening spaces that center and amplify the voices of those most impacted by policy issues.


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2024 Colorado Children's Campaign legislative priorities


Child & Family Health Priorities

  • Health Coverage and Access to Care: Maintaining health coverage and care for kids and pregnant people as pandemic-era coverage protections come to an end. Supporting the equitable implementation of new coverage policies, including Cover All Coloradans and Continuous Eligibility Medical Coverage, which increase access to public health insurance.
  • Reproductive Health: Addressing gaps in access to family planning services and elevating support for the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s Family Planning Program.
  • Maternal Health: Ensuring that all birthing people who have Medicaid in Colorado can access the care they want and need.

Youth Success Priorities

  • School Finance: Securing equitable, student-centered updates to Colorado’s school finance formula.
  • Youth Well-Being: Supporting expanded collection and reporting of key school climate data, including absenteeism rates and how schools use different discipline strategies. Centering and amplifying youth voice and leadership in state and local policy. Advocating for support for out-of-school time programming. Increasing access to mental health professionals in schools.

Early Childhood Priorities

  • Quality and Access: Ensuring the Universal Preschool Program is meeting the needs of kids and families, including advocacy for improvements to families’ access and experience, continued attention to quality, equity sustainability, and meaningful family and provider participation in the design of the program. Supporting the development and implementation of Universal Preschool quality standards and resource bank. Advocating for data collection and analysis related to early childhood programs and experiences, with a focus on families facing barriers to accessing our current system.
  • System and Workforce: Advocating for additional investments to support our child care system and workforce. Creating opportunities for shared power among advocates, providers and families in designing and advancing investments in child care through statewide coalitions, including the Growing Our Future Coalition.

Family Economic Prosperity Priorities

  • Eviction Prevention: Collecting and publishing more consistent, comprehensive data on eviction trends across the state.
  • Income Support: Increasing avenues for direct cash to families by mitigating barriers and adverse impacts in public benefit programs. Advancing direct cash policy through a coalition of advocates, community members and pilot program leaders and participants.