SB21-194 (Buckner/Herod) Maternal Health Providers

Originally Posted: April 16, 2021
Last Updated: June 11, 2021


This bill would update several provisions pertaining to maternal health in Colorado.  One element of the bill would require the state to take up a federal Medicaid option which would extend postpartum coverage through Medicaid for one year postpartum. The bill would also require health plans to reimburse health care providers that provide labor and delivery services in a way that promotes high-quality, cost-effective care; ensure licensed health-care providers implement best practices for inter-professional collaboration and the transfer of a pregnant person from home or a birthing center to a health facility; require CDPHE  to study the use of research evidence in policies related to the perinatal period in Colorado and report findings to the general assembly; and require the department of public health and environment to make recommendations to improve numerous topics related to maternal health.  


The Colorado Children’s Campaign supports this bill. We know that in Colorado, the highest number of maternal mortalities occur after 6 weeks postpartum and before 12 months postpartum and that people who use Medicaid for their health insurance are twice as likely to die as people who do not use Medicaid. Extending Medicaid coverage a full year postpartum will improve health equity in Colorado and is one of the legislative recommendations of our Maternal Mortality Review Committee. We support improving the stakeholder engagement in our state’s maternal mortality review process to highlight input from directly-impacted stakeholders, with a focus on individuals from communities of color and providing CDPHE with the resources it needs to make recommendations to improve the collection and public reporting of maternal health data. 

Current Status

Senate concurred with House Amendments. The bill repassed the Senate 32-0 and now heads to the Governor for signature. 

Previous Statuses

June 4, 2021

Passed out of House Health and Insurance on a bipartisan vote where Vice President of Health Initiatives, Erin Miller, testified in support. Passed out of the House Appropriations Committee on a vote of 7-4 before passing second reading in the House.   

May 28, 2021

The bill will be heard on Friday May 28 in the House Health and Insurance Committee upon adjournment. Our Vice President of Health Initiatives, Erin Miller, will testify in support. Listen here    

April 16, 2021

Passed out of the Senate Health and Insurance Committee April 14 along party lines. Our Vice President of Health Initiatives, Erin Miller, testified in support.