SB21-025 (Pettersen) Family Planning Service for Eligible Individuals

Originally Posted: February 19, 2021
Last Updated: June 4, 2021


The bill would increase the number of Coloradans who would qualify for Medicaid covered family planning services by increasing the income eligibility limits for these servicesIf this bill passedColoradans who make up to 260 percent of the Federal Poverty Level ($68,900 in annual income for a family of four in 2021)lack coverage for family planning services, and meet all other eligibility criteria for Medicaid, could access family planning services 


The Colorado Children’s Campaign strongly supports this bill. Colorado has an opportunity to expand Medicaid coverage for family planning services at a minimal cost to the state—drawing down federal dollars to our state with a 90/10 match. The Colorado Health Institute estimated that the expansion of a comprehensive family planning benefit to this population through the Medicaid program would save the state more than $3 million dollars in health costs during the program’s first full year. In addition, this bill helps support the health and wellbeing of families and children by reducing unintended pregnancies, empowering people who can become pregnant to attain their education goals, helping create financially secure and strong families, and reducing the number of people who need to use Medicaid and CHP+ for pregnancy and postpartum coverage. The majority of states – not including Colorado – have taken up this state option to offer expanded family planning services through Medicaid. We believe it’s past time we join them.  

Current Status

Passed third reading in the House and now heads to the governor’s desk for signature.  

Previous Statuses

May 28, 2021

Passed the Senate with bipartisan support. Passed out of the House Public and Behavioral Health and Human Services Committee on a vote of 7-5 and now heads to the House Appropriations Committee. Our Vice President of Health Initiatives, Erin Miller, testified in support. 

May 21, 2021

In the House Public and Behavioral Health Committee where it is scheduled to be heard Tuesday, May 25 at 1:30. Listen here. 

March 26, 2021

Passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on a bipartisan vote of 5-2, Erin Miller, Vice President of Health Initiatives, testified in support of the bill.  

February 19, 2021

Introduced in the Senate on Feb. 16 and assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee