SB19-199 (Todd & Rankin/McCluskie & Wilson) READ Act Implementation Measures

Originally Posted: April 12, 2019
Last Updated: April 12, 2019


The bill would make changes to the Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ) provisions. It directs the State Board of the Department of Education to promulgate rules for reporting the use of per pupil intervention dollars. It would require schools and districts to identify and implement curriculum designed around foundational reading skills that are evidence-based and scientifically proven. The bill would create a requirement for educators teaching kindergarten through third grade to complete evidence-based training in reading. It also encourages local education providers to make training in teaching reading available to parents and members of the community.


The Children’s Campaign supports the bill because it increases the state’s investment in the Early Literacy Grant Program, which has shown to be successful in increasing the proficiency of students identified as having a significant reading deficiency (SRD). It also provides for more transparency around how districts invest their READ Act dollars and creates an opportunity for the community to learn more about teaching reading.

Current Status

Passed the Senate Education Committee unanimously and now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Leslie Colwell, VP of Education Initiatives, testified in support of the bill.