SB18-151 (Priola & Fields/Wilson & Buckner) Colorado Department of Education Bullying Policies Research

Originally Posted: February 9, 2018
Last Updated: February 12, 2018


The bill requires the Department of Education to develop a model bullying prevention and education policy based on best practices in other states. It directs CDE to publish these policies on the Department’s website by July 1, 2019 and update them every three years for school districts, charter schools, and the charter institute to use as guidance.


The Children’s Campaign supports the bill. We believe that this is an important effort to ensure that schools have a safe and welcoming environment for kids by incorporating best practices and tools available to prevent school bullying.

Current Status

The bill passed the Senate Education Committee on a vote of 6-1 and now heads to the Senate floor for debate. Leslie Colwell, our Vice President of Education Initiatives, testified in support of the bill.

Previous Status

February 9, 2018

Assigned to the Senate Education Committee where it will be heard on Feb. 14 upon adjournment in Room 352