SB18-139 (Cooke/Singer) Statewide Regulation of Products with Nicotine

Originally Posted: February 23, 2018
Last Updated: February 23, 2018


This bill extends a financial penalty on local communities that want to license the sale of any tobacco products. The bill also prohibits local government from using state tobacco education, prevention and cessation funds to advocate for a licensure requirement or a tax or fee on retailers who sell tobacco products. In addition, the bill takes additional funds from the tobacco prevention, education and cessation fund to manage the licensing of tobacco retailers, rather than paying for licensing administration and enforcement with retailer license fees.


The Children’s Campaign opposes this bill because it limits the ability of local communities to regulate tobacco use and consumption in their communities. It also uses funds for tobacco prevention, education and cessation for licensing and administration of tobacco retailers, rather than using retailer license fees for this purpose.

Current Status

The bill died on a bipartisan 6-1 vote in the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee