SB18-085 (Todd/McLachlan) Financial Incentives for Education in Rural Areas

Originally Posted: January 26, 2018
Last Updated: January 26, 2018


The bill increases the number of stipends available to teachers in rural school districts who want to earn National Board Certification, earn certification as a concurrent enrollment teacher, or further their professional development through continuing education to 60 per year. It also expands eligibility to include special services providers (counselors, etc.) and teachers who are alternatively licensed. Teachers who receive the stipend must commit to teaching a rural school district for a minimum of three years.


This bill is an extension of SB16-104, introduced by Senator Todd and Representative Jon Becker. The Children’s Campaign testified in support of the original bill in 2016 in both the House and the Senate. We support this bill because we believe that it is important that we cultivate educator talent and professional development in our rural districts.

Current Status

Assigned to the Senate Education Committee