SB18-012 (Hill/Pettersen) Military Enlistment School Performance Indicator

Originally Posted: January 19, 2018
Last Updated: January 19, 2018


This bill adds enlistment in the military within a year of graduation as a measure of performance in the state’s high school accountability system. The Colorado Department of Education shall weight military enlistment equally with enrollment in postsecondary institutions.


The Colorado Children’s Campaign supports this bill. As a member of CDE’s Accountability Work Group, we participated in drafting recommendations on additional, rigorous indicators that demonstrate successful student transition to postsecondary education, training or the workforce following high school graduation. Military enlistment was one of many indicators that we felt should be considered, along with improvement in chronic absenteeism rates, employment in state-defined in-demand fields, and enrollment in a postsecondary institution without the need for remediation, among others. There are many Colorado high schools where a high percentage of graduates pursue a military career, and we believe that should count as a metric of success.

Current Status

Assigned to the Senate Education Committee