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Each week during sessions of the Colorado General Assembly, we bring you the latest news and analysis of legislation impacting the early development, health, and education of Colorado kids. Check the updates below for analysis, testimony, fact sheets, vote totals, and other information to help you stay informed. 

Need help finding specific info? Updates are sorted in reverse-chronological order, based on the date they were last updated. You can also use the update filters in the sidebar to filter this archive by update type and by Colorado Children's Campaign's position on the legislation. For additional legislative information, including capitol updates prior to 2016, please see our Legislative blog category.

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HB 16-1016 (Young) Using Multiple Measures of Student Academic Growth

Originally Posted: February 26, 2016
Last Updated: March 4, 2016

HB 16-1016 would set up a grant program to assist local education providers (school districts, boards of cooperative services and charter schools) in creating and applying multiple measures of student academic growth to measure the performance of schools, districts and educators.

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HB 16-1242 (Hamner/Lambert) A Supplemental Appropriation to CDHS

Originally Posted: February 12, 2016
Last Updated: February 19, 2016

HB16-1242 includes additional funding for the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), including the use of federal funding to double the number of Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists working in Colorado from 17 to 34.

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HB 16-1137 (Klingenschmitt / Lundberg) Nicotine Products Warning Label

Originally Posted: February 12, 2016
Last Updated: February 12, 2016

HB 16-1137 would require any packaged nicotine product that does not contain tobacco, such as dissolvables, drinks and liquid nicotine that is used with electronic cigarettes, to have a warning label on the package stating, “Warning: Contains Addictive Nicotine.”

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