HB22- 1287 (Boesenecker & Hooton) Protections for Mobile Park Residents

Originally Posted: March 18, 2022
Last Updated: April 1, 2022


The bill amends the “Mobile Home Park Act” and the “Mobile Home Park Act Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program.” These amendments would update the requirements, responsibilities, and obligations of a landlord to act in a manner that more adequately protects the rights of mobile park residents. Additionally, the bill will allow the attorney general to enforce statutory provisions providing protection for mobile home owners; and allow a resident, local government, or a nonprofit to file a complaint with the division under the dispute resolution program. 


The Children’s Campaign supports this bill, which would improve protection for mobile home park residents in Colorado. It would increase stability for park residents by increasing access to the opportunity to purchase their mobile home park in the event of a sale. It would also protect the affordability of the lots on which mobile homes are located, which are not owned by residents and must be rented from mobile home park owners. Additionally, it would create greater accountability and enforceability for the protections that must be afforded to residents under the law. 

Current Status

The bill passed out of the House Transportation and Local Government Committee as amended on a vote of 8-5. It now heads to the House Appropriations Committee.

Previous Status

March 18, 2022

The bill was introduced and assigned to the House Transportation and Local Government Committee, where it is scheduled to be heard on March 23 at 1:30pm